1st week is over!!!

The first week of this new adventure is over, and I have to say that it went fast, the welcome was great, I met many people of the team and although I still do not remember all their names because they are so many, they have all been very kind and enthusiastic.

The first few days were a bit frenetic because I met everyone and I had to do all the administration things to live here in Zagreb, I had to go to bank, police etc … but now everything is done, I settled, the apartment where I live is nice and cozy and if I have to be honest home nostalgia is less than I was expecting, even though a bit of nostalgia is always there. First I miss my family, but also the Italian food, because even though I am improving in cooking every day, mom is always mom and she cooks a lot better. 🙂 I also miss my teammates, who will start training soon and for the first time in 11 years I will not be with them, but I will soon starting to train too, with my new team and I’m already looking forward to the start of this new Softball season.

Meanwhile, I have already taken part in many activities, like some training and I must say that the funniest thing was to train the kids, because they are all full of energy and they want to learn as much as possible about Softball. Together we have already participated in the first winter tournament and It was a great experience to see the game from another point of view, the coach one and I like this new role very much, even though I miss playing. I also participated in softball presentations in schools and seeing those kids wearing a glove for the first time reminded me of when I started, 11 years ago. I think this assistant coach experience will help me a lot in the game and I hope to be able to help kids improve in Softball.

I have also started to follow an online course in Croatian, it is a very difficult language and so different from Italian that I still can not understand a word, but I will do my best and I hope that by the end of this year I will understand something.

I have also been able to visit the city, a little, I did a free walking tour where I visited the upper town and then I walked through the streets of the low part of the city, where I got also lost :). I also walked through the streets of my neighborhood, Prečko and I have already found my favorite bar.

So, my report after this first week could not be more positive than that and I’m sure it will continue to be positive and full of adventures.

Elisa #9


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Mi chiamo Elisa ho 20 anni, sono di Firenze, la mia passione è il softball e sto per intraprendere una straordinaria avventura, andrò a vivere e lavorare per quasi un anno in Croazia.


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