Advent time in Zagreb!

I finally managed to find the time to write, so last weekend my parents came in Zagreb to visit me and we spent 2 days and a half together. They arrived in the afternoon of December 8th and left in the morning of the 11th. In 2 days we visited the whole center of Zagreb both in the daytime and in the evening, we visited the upper city, the Cathedral, the St. Mark’s Church, the Christmas markets in Strossmartre, we took the funicular, then we visited the lower part of the city, we went to the Zrinjevac park, we admired the ice skating park, all illuminated, and we listened to some music in Jelačića square and in the end we went to the markets in front of the Croatian National Theatre, but they weren’t good as the other markets, so we didn’t stay there for too long. I must say that in the evening everything is more beautiful, with all the lights, the colors and the music. We visited all the Christmas markets and we bought some Christmas balls and other typical Croatian products, like figs and plums brandy, we tasted the “fritule” and drunk warm punch and we tasted some Croatian specialties in some very good restaurants. They have been two very cold days, but still wonderful, the first day has also snowed, but this has not stopped us, we have been even more exciting, because in Florence snow is very rarely seen. I am really happy that my parents came to visit me, it’s been wonderful to see them again and to be able to spend some time with them.

Elisa #9


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Mi chiamo Elisa ho 20 anni, sono di Firenze, la mia passione è il softball e sto per intraprendere una straordinaria avventura, andrò a vivere e lavorare per quasi un anno in Croazia.


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