Christmas Party!!!

I’m writing while I’m on the bus to go back home to my beautiful Florence. I’m very excited to go back home for the holiday and see my family and my friends, but I will miss Croatia this two weeks.

Yesterday ma and the other volunteer Natalia prepared a party and a lots of the people of the club came and had fun. We had live music, an ex player, a young player and her dad bring their instruments and they played some Croatian song and all together we sang some international song like Jingle bells and Last Christmas. Then we had a softball quiz, where everybody parteciped and at the end when only the older players remain we exchange some gifts and the boss of the club also gave me and Natalia a sweatshirt and two t-shirt of the club. One of the mum also prepared for us a very beautiful Christmas ornament. I had a lots of fun during the party, many people came and the cake that Natalia baked were delicious.

I’ve been in Croatia for one month and a half now and even if it is difficult sometime to be far from my family, my friends and my city, I’m really enjoying this experience and every person that I’ve met was very kind and the team welcomed me as a part of their big family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Elisa #9


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Mi chiamo Elisa ho 20 anni, sono di Firenze, la mia passione è il softball e sto per intraprendere una straordinaria avventura, andrò a vivere e lavorare per quasi un anno in Croazia.


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